Revd. Adesuwa Omoregie Ogie

An ambassador for Christ, a family advocate, an inspirational author, and a seasoned speaker. An identity coach.


Alice IDUHON RELIEF CENTRE is a continuous legacy of a matriarch who gave her all to help anyone at a disadvantage, especially the vulnerable families.


Our aims. To bring relief and transformation to vulnerable families, to make visible improvement in their standard of living, and encouraging hope for a better chance at life.

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Our purpose is to help and change weak families, to make noticeable improvement in their way of life, and empowering trust for a superior opportunity at life.

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What We stand for

We believe and  accept that all kids and the entire humanity are adored by God.  The Bible makes We accept that one of the obligations of God’s kin is to really focus on widows, vagrants, and the individuals who have been underestimated by the financial and social frameworks of the world. It is to that end that we come close by the assortment of Christ to help.


A Charitable Organization is anyone asking or collecting contributions from the public, and claims it will be used to support a charitable activity. Charitable is broadly defined and includes activities such as educational, recreational, social, patriotic, legal defense, benevolent, or health causes.

We offer internships and fellowships year-round that provide work experience and personal development. Our internships are paid and run the length of a semester. Our internships are paid and run the length of a semester. 

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Your gift, pooled with other support, will help us deliver critical aid to children and families around the world

We are delighted that you are interested in helping children and families in need through Save the Children. Please check our contact page to search available opportunities.

We have minimal permanent financial resources, and most of our income is collected for specific projects. 

We are very grateful for any donation you can make – to help immediately, you can choose a specific appeal or project you want to support.

Yes there s always means and ways to convert your donation from your local currency and to be effective for the purpose of donation

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This is  a call to help and support what we are doing.  Kindly jon u

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